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Set of 3 Stone Bracelets 1


Set of 3 Lava Stone, Tiger Eye and Ruby Zoisite bracelets

In stock


Set of 3 Lava Stone, Tiger Eye and Ruby Zoisite.

bracelets Diameter of the pearls: 10 mm

Internal circumference: 20cm (error tolerance: 0.5cm)

Fits men's size, wide handle.

Comes in a velvet gift bag.

Ruby zoisite: This relatively uncommon semi-precious stone is only found in Tanzania

It is found in a combination of 2 or 3 colors (black, green, red).

CAUTION: this stone contains iron and is sensitive to water. Rust stains may appear on the stone if you leave it wet for too long.

The zoisite ruby ​​promotes the balance of our forces and brings serenity.

Tiger Eye : The Tiger's Eye is a fine stone (commonly called "semi precious").

The stone is a yellow and brown tabby tone reminiscent of the eye of the tiger. The tiger eye is one of the microcrystalline quartz.

It comes mainly from South Africa and Australia but it is also found in Sri Lanka, Burma, the United States, India, Brazil and Namibia.

CAUTION: brought to high temperature, the color of the stone may change and become redder. It is then called "Ox's Eye ''

This stone would stimulate the will, reduce stress and (among other things) make optimistic and have an antidepressant effect.

Lava Stone: The volcanic stone would help personal reconstruction.

It would allow you to go beyond your limits. It stimulates (rait) strength, courage, energy.

Volcanic rock (or lava rock) retains and diffuses heat.

It is used as an essential oil diffuser. Heated and placed on the body, it reduces muscle tension. Non contractual photo.

All of our pearls are made from natural, undyed gemstones. Slight variations in color make them all unique.


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