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copy of Orchid Noir Fragance Candle with crystal gemflakes


Orchid Noir Fragance Candle with crystal gemflakes

In stock


Tumbler Candle with an Orchid Noir Fragrance and crystal gemflakes on top, creating a sparkling effect.

Orchid Noir Fragrance Oil : floral and sweet with a powerful hot throw, this scent is magic! This complex balance of floral, spicy and woody aromas is gorgeous.

Spicy, woody and floral.

Natural soy wax and Stabilo wick.

Size: diameter 8 - 9  x height 9.5 - 10.7cm

250 gr wax

Burns around 35 h

The stones will glide in the melted wax, 

you can recover them when your candle is done.

The tumbler can be reused as drinking glass.

When ordering multiple pieces / scents we'll send a mix of different designs.

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