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Set of 3 Wax Cord Bracelets 5


Set of 3 wax cord made of howlite, lapis lazuli red cornelian agate  bracelets.

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Set of 3 wax cord made of howlite, lapis lazuli red cornelian agate bracelets.

Diameter of the pearls: 6 mm size adaptable, one size fits all.

Comes in a velvet gift bag.

Howlite: This semi-precious stone is opaque white and usually covered with gray veins The deposits of this fine stone are found mainly in the USA and Canada but also in Spain, Norway, Germany or Brazil. Howlite stone would have a calming effect and promote softness. It would also help fortify the bones.

Lapis lazuli: Used for over 7,000 years, the color of this fine (semi-precious) stone varies from azure blue to French Ultramarine. The purest and largest deposit is in Afghanistan but other deposts are found in other parts of the world. Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious stone of peace, wisdom and balance. It would promote courage and self-confidence.

Red Cornelian Agate:Red fine semi-precious stone; it comes mainly from India, Brazil or Uruguay. It would be purifying, stimulate vitality and promote positive energy.

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All of our pearls are made from natural, undyed gemstones.

Slight variations in color make them all unique.


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