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Set of 3 Wax Cord Bracelets 1


Set of 3 wax cord made of amazonite, new jada and Ruby Zoisite bracelets

In stock


Set of 3 wax cord made of amazonite, new jade and Ruby Zoisite beads bracelets.

Diameter of the pearls: 6 mm

size adaptable, one size fits all.

Comes in a velvet gift bag.

Ruby zoisite: This relatively uncommon semi-precious stone is only found in Tanzania It is found in a combination of 2 or 3 colors (black, green, red). CAUTION: this stone contains iron and is sensitive to water. Rust stains may appear on the stone if you leave it wet for too long. The zoisite ruby ​​promotes the balance of our forces and brings serenity.

Amazonite : The amazonite is a semi-precious stone of green color going to bluish green. It is opaque or translucent. It owes its name to the Amazon. The main deposits are found in Austria, Brazil, Ethiopia, the Czech Republic, Canada and the USA. It would protect us against electromagnetic waves, have a calming effect and promote body harmony.

New Jade : The new jade is a semi-precious stone, slightly translucent of green color It would be relaxing and soothing. It would have a beneficial effect against negative waves. It is used as an essential oil diffuser. Heated and placed on the body, it reduces muscle tension.

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All of our pearls are made from natural, undyed gemstones. Slight variations in color make them all unique.


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