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wax cord bracelet made of ruby zoisite beads


Wax cord bracelet made of ruby zoisite beads

In stock


Wax cord bracelet madeof lruby zoisite.

Diameter of the beads: 6 mm

size adaptable, one size fits all.

Comes in velvet gift bag

This fine (semi-precious) stone is rather rare and only found in Tanzania.

It is found in combination of 2 or 3 colors (black, green, red).

CAUTION: this stone contains iron and is sensitive to water. Rust stains could appear on the stone if you leave it wet for too long.

Ruby zoisite would promote the balance of our forces and bring serenity.

Non contractual picture. All our bracelets are made from real natural semi-precious stones and are undyed. Slight color variations make them all unique.


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