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Baroque Stabilized Moss & reindeer moss Frame Small


Golden baroque frame made of stabilized moss & reindeer moss, small model.

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Golden baroque frame with stabilized moss & reindeer moss, small model.

Chic, deco & design.

With this frame you bring natural greenery into your home,

Green around you makes you happy, reduces stress and has a positive effect on your health.

This frame requires NO maintenance.

It does not require water or sunlight, retains its natural appearance for years and remains perfect in darker places, eg a corridor or entrance hall.

Produced in Belgium.

Each frame is unique and artisanally made.

Frame dimensions: height: 28.5 cm x width: 23 cm

Inner size: Height 20 cm x Width: 15 cm

Can be used as a free-standing or hanging frame.

Removable hanging hook. This frame can be hung horizontally as well as vertically.


Designed with 100% natural moss through a process of conservation and stabilization.

The sap of the moss is replaced by a compound based on glycerine.

It allows long conservation while preserving the natural properties of the moss.


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